Kleinman consultants, PLLC


Kleinman Consultants, PLLC, is a civil and environmental engineering firm offering consulting, engineering, planning, and construction services.  Our company, based in West Texas, delivers innovative solutions to federal, state and local government clients.

We bring more than 40 years of cumulative experience to you, our next client and your project(s). 

Starting with a team approach and our attention to detail, Kleinman Consultants provides quality and service to each project.

Our three company tenets are:  

1.  Attention to our CLIENT--our firm provides highly qualified, multi-disciplined staff, experts in various aspects of engineering, environmental, and public outreach. Building trust and addressing the needs of our clients is our priority

2.  Attention to DETAIL--our firm consultation and projects are met with attention to detail, to ensure quality services with long-term success. Our firm is kept up to date on federal, state and local regulations and standards relevant to our services in West Texas.  This includes, for example, staying current on environmental regulations, to ensure compliance.

  1. 3. Attention to PRODUCT--our firm strives to

deliver the best form of service from the initial phases of project planning to final implementation phases.

DBE and HUB Certifications



-Civil Engineering

-Environmental Services


-Construction Services